A Maturity Model to Assess Organization’s Readiness to Adopt a Sustainable Business Model

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Organizations’ Business Model (BM) plays a significant role in the world’s economy, society, and environment. Transforming from the classic BM into a Sustainable Business Model has become an accountable choice for organizations to strive and survive in the overpopulated world with scarce resource challenges. However, organizations need to identify the readiness prerequisites Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for the transition to ensure a successful transformation. In this research, a Maturity Model (MM) will be developed based on literature review and outcomes from the research conducted with a panel of academics and practitioners’ experts The Delphi technique was employed to nominate the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) from the proposed Internal Organization Capabilities (IOC) with the experts. The final model has been implemented on a UAE for-profit organization for validation and market feedback. The findings validated the proposed MM and suggested that it can be used as decision a making tool to guide the organization's strategy. The proposed MM also has descriptive, prescriptive, and comparative functions which can be enhanced as the model application expands. The research helps companies that already committed to sustainability to verify whether they are consistent in the implementation of a distinct sustainability strategy.
organization’s readiness, sustainable business model, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), United Arab Emirates (UAE), sustainability strategy, Maturity Model (MM), Organization Capabilities (IOC)
Awwad, M., 2021. A Maturity Model to Assess Organization’s Readiness to Adopt a Sustainable Business Model. MSc. British University in Dubai.