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Critically Describing the Effectiveness of Antibullying Interventions Used at Schools
(SpringerLink, 2024) Salameh, Nahida
Bullying at schools has been among the public concerns that prevailed as it causes many negative consequences, including poor academic performance, poor physical and mental health, in addition to suicidal or criminal acts. Purpose- To critically describe the effectiveness of the antibullying interventions at schools. Methodology- A descriptive qualitative study that was conducted utilizing a critical review of literature. The study has utilized the available electronic database. References were mainly chosen among the ones published in the last five years; special consideration was given to studies conducted in UAE. Findings- Several programs were developed and implemented to manage bullying. Interventions entailed constructing strict anti-bullying school policies, and utilized various involvement levels; being whole school, or one group such as parents, teachers or students. Many interventions were rooted in sociocultural theories to enhance resilience and positive behaviour development among students. Antibullying interventions in the UAE were mostly targeting awareness with compromised measurement of effectiveness. Implications- Identifying the best antibullying interventions may contribute to increasing awareness among stakeholders, and thus facilitate decisions that may inform the policy making pertinent to managing bullying at schools in the UAE. Originality/ value- Limited number of studies were conducted in the UAE.
The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Teachers’ Performance in the UAE
(SpringerLink, 2024) Salameh, Nahida; Benkohila, Nora
Job satisfaction greatly affects job performance. This is of a prodigious value in education as the teachers’ performance impacts the quality of education and thus the Human Development Index (HDI) of the nation. Purpose: to investigate the effect of job satisfaction on the performance of teachers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) utilizing a scale that was used in business management previously. Methodology: The research used a quantitative empirical method, whereby the impact of the independent variable (teachers’ satisfaction) was measured on the dependent variable (teachers’ performance). The data used was primary data collected via a survey distributed to a convenient sample. Respondents included 112 teachers working in UAE. SPSS application was used for data analysis. Reliability, factor analysis and construct validity were tested, and shown adequate sample and reliable tool. Regression model was applied, in order to test the two developed hypotheses. Findings: revealed that job satisfaction is associated with job performance among teachers. Implications: Results may help decision makers to enhance the teachers’ satisfaction in order to improve teachers’ performance.
Highlighting the Impacts of Parents’ Beliefs on Students’ Education
(SpringerLink, 2024) Alahmad, Alaaeddin; Hussin, Mohamad; Sapar, Ahmad Arifin
Purpose- To highlight the impacts of parents’ beliefs on students’ education due to the dearth of such studies in the field of education. Methodology- A sequential mixed-method approach was utilised, where quantitative data were collected and analysed, and then triangulated with qualitative data. The study employed a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews completed by 51 and nine parents, respectively. Convenience sampling was used. Findings- The obtained data showed that parents’ beliefs play a key role in students’ education, as these beliefs are associated with parents’ expectations regarding their children. Moreover, parents’ beliefs function as a guide for their children’s efforts and endeavours. Implications- This study recommends that increasing parental awareness regarding their role in their children’s education would be an effective strategy that would provide students with an enhanced learning environment. Originality/value- This study is considered of great value as it urges policy makers and leaders to increase investment in the parents’ role in students’ education.
Jordanian Expatriates’ Family Language Policy in Dubai
(SpringerLink, 2024) Razem, Reem J.; Abu-Ayyash, Emad A. S.
This pilot study explores the Family Language Policy (FLP) of two Jordanian expatriate families in Dubai and is underpinned by Spolsky’s FLP theoretical framework which has tripartite components of ideology, practice, and management. A qualitative constructivist approach and case study are adopted as the main methodology. Data were collected through in-depth semi-structured interviews with the parents and observation of the natural utterances of children. The purpose of the study is to refine the data collection instruments regarding both the procedures and the content of the gathered data to glean initial themes. Key findings identified contextual and cultural challenges while piloting the instruments which resulted in necessary methodological modifications to the data collection procedures. Implications include highlighting the benefits of pilot studies, modifying interview questions and observation procedures in response to challenges that face emerging researchers when conducting similar studies, and sharing the value of developing reflexive, culturally competent, and ethically responsive research practices in the field of Arabic sociolinguistics.
The Impact of Bullying in an Inclusive Classroom Among Students of ASD and Peers in Social Development and Academic Performance in UAE
(SpringerLink, 2024) Abdullah, Maryam
The physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and mental health of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be affected negatively if a problem occurs in an inclusive classroom setting. The purpose of this study is to investigate how bullying affects students with ASD. This thorough literature review looks at how bullying affects students with ASD including social development, academic performance, and school participation. Bullied children who grow up to be adults have anxiety and despair that affect their school engagement. Students with ASD are unable to get along with typically abled students due to bullying. The paper highlighted the importance for educators to prevent and treat bullying of students with ASD. However, the study has severe drawbacks such as a lack of empirical research conducted in the UAE. The study recommends releasing further studies in the UAE carrying out more research on other factors that impact bullying of kids with ASD to raise awareness of this issue.