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How Indoor Air Quality Affect Employees Health and Performance in Different Level Companies.
(The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2023-06) ALMEZEININ, KHALOUD; Dr Wael Sheta
Employee performance and health are significantly impacted by the work environment. Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a significant impact on employees' health and productivity in the office setting. Due to the lack of studies done to evaluate IAQ influence inside low and high-cost companies in UAE, this study was motivated to fill this gap and to evaluate the effects of IAQ within two different levels of working environments. Poor Indoor Air Quality is a relevant area of concern which has a direct impact on an employee's performance (Azuma et al., 2017). The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between IAQ exposure and associated risks on employee health and performance in two different companies’ levels. Two different levels of companies were chosen as a case study where the best methodology applied. Data were collected using quantitative method (Field measurement) where we utilized three devices in order to reach the problem causes and to know more about our research question like (4 in 1 Environmental Meter, Air quality CO2 meter, and a sound level alert), a survey questionnaire utilized to know employee’s satisfaction and reaction with surrounding working environment, and finally a employees interview were conduct to elaborate more on their perspective regarding indoor air quality. The survey questionnaire which was distributed to all employees who were working in those companies revealed multiple evidence and facts. The questioning where mainly focusing on employee’s perspective to multiple aspects like: the amount of time that employees spend in their workplace, glare presence, windows availability, presence of printers/photocopiers, and scanners, wet ceilings, ventilation system, type of furniture, thermal comfort, as well as flooring materials. Respondents from low cost company showed that there was evidence of inadequate indoor quality from different aspects, while high-cost company showed that there was sufficient indoor quality from many manners perspective. Field measurements shed light on specific areas like: the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the workplace, humidity levels, air velocity, temperature, and noise source. These measurements discovered the presence of multi factors in low cost companies associated in causing poor indoor quality. Moving forward the results revealed that there are many different problems derived from working environments. This paper correspondingly presents some new ideas and scopes that will help engineering companies to recognize the impact of poor IAQ on their employees and analyze the reasons that lead to weak IAQ in their companies as well as to know this issue could be addressed in order to maintain positive atmosphere that enhance employee’s performance and health.
Modal Dynamics of Combined Offshore Wind Turbine and Monopile Foundation System: A Seismic Impact Assessment Study on System Dynamism
(The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2023-12) VENUGOPAL, HARIKUMAR; Dr Gul Ahmed Jokhio
For the sustainability transition to evolve at a rapid pace, complex engineering systems are required to be reliable and effective in their operability. Even though offshore wind energy systems are a few decades old now, global adoption is not strong due to reliability issues, construction, operation, and maintenance complexities. The primary uncertainty in the structural engineering of this system lies in the dynamic behavior which is almost impossible to accurately compute. Seismic interactions at the seabed further complicate this. This dissertation conducts an in-depth modal dynamics analysis of an integrated offshore wind turbine and monopile foundation system, employing finite element analysis techniques. The study encompasses frequency domain analysis, eigenvalue extraction, and modal dynamic steps, incorporating seismic loads inspired by significant earthquake events, and the seismic impact on the system's dynamism is evaluated by evaluating system field and history outputs across system modal dynamics. Critical insights regarding the geometric variation effects on the dynamic traits of the combined system are retrieved by careful comparative evaluation.
Consumers’ propensity for rollover service contracts: the influences of perceived value, convenience and trust on service loyalty
(Taylor & Francis, 2023) Wilkins, Stephen; Hazzam, Joe; Megicks, Phil
Rollover contracts are becoming increasingly commonplace in a range of service markets. Such contracts automatically renew for a further term when a contractual period comes to an end. Rollover contracts represent a unique form of loyalty, because a consumer who signs a rollover contract at the time of initial purchase, signals a commitment to stay loyal to the firm before they have even experienced the service delivery. Prior studies of automatic renewal have predominantly been undertaken in the domain of consumer economics, and the psychological dimension of buyer decision making has yet to be explored. The desire for convenience was found to have the strongest influence on consumers’ propensity for rollover service contracts. Additionally, trust as a mediator of reputation, and perceived value also influence consumers’ attitudes and behavioral intentions for selecting these products. It is concluded that service providers should ensure that consumers recognize that there is an element of reciprocity which is mutually beneficial to both parties in the provision of such contracts.
Comparison between Nonlinear Analysis and ACI Simplified Effective Stiffness Analysis Methods for Reinforced Concrete Frames Under Lateral Load
(The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2023-11) ELMUTASHY, HAJER; DR GUL AHMED
When reinforced concrete frames subjected to lateral load manifesting in inelastic damage in the form of cracks that diminish the structural element's stiffness. Evaluating this damage often employs non-linear analysis, yet simplified methods prescribed by international codes and numerous studies estimate the effective stiffness of these elements are used for elastic linear analysis. The accurate estimation of effective stiffness is crucial as it profoundly impacts the overall structural performance. This research endeavors to compare the non-linear performance of the structure with the linear performance using the assumptions proposed by ACI-318-19, permitting the use of 0.7EIg and 0.35EIg as effective stiffness values for columns and beams, respectively. To achieve this, 66 one-bay one-story frames are modelled and subjected to non-linear static analysis using ETABS software. The model parameters encompass compressive strength, reinforcement ratios, column height and axial load. The analysis presents load-deflection characteristics for the entire frame which used to calculate the effective stiffness. Results subjected to statistical analysis which indicate that increasing compressive strength augments structural stiffness, whereas heightened axial load and frame height notably diminish stiffness. Conversely, employing the non-linear analysis method result in higher effective stiffness than simplified method by mean value of 1.36, 1.44 and 1.57 for frames with compressive strength 40,80 and 120mpa respectively. Keywords: effective stiffness, static nonlinear analysis, simplified stiffness method
Innovation Management in Organizations: A Review on Responsible Innovation Practices
(The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2023-02) ALZAROONI, ABDALLA MAHMOUD; Dr Papadaki Maria
The study's purpose is to investigate the role of innovation management assessment, responsible innovation, policy perspective, and perception of responsible innovation in the successful implementation of responsible innovation processes. The data was collected through an online questionnaire, and the findings provide theoretical and practical insights. Mainly, researcher used the regression analysis to evaluate the collected data. The results support existing theories such as the "Triple Helix model," "Innovation System theory," "Diffusion of Innovation theory," and the "Knowledge Attitude Behavior" model, while also challenging some theories regarding the impact of policy perspectives on innovation success. The study highlights the significance of cultivating a positive outlook towards responsible innovation, establishing robust innovation management protocols, shaping supportive policies, and enhancing awareness and understanding of responsible innovation. The findings hold relevance for managers, policymakers, and stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of integrating ethical considerations, implementing responsible innovation strategies, and fostering collaboration. The study concludes with recommendations for organizations and policymakers in the UAE to effectively implement responsible innovation and build a sustainable innovation ecosystem.