An Analysis of the relationship between Library Use and Student's Achievement at a Master Level

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study was conducted on student’s achievement in the use of library resources at a Master’s level. The overall grade point average and the number of books check-out was collected for students who graduated from 2009 to 2010 was the main instrument for identifying the relationship of borrowing of books with their final grade. To supplement the findings, an online library questionnaire was distributed to students currently registered for Semester 1 of Academic year 2011/12 and 135 were returned. This study was carried out to determine how borrowing of books will have an impact to student achievement performance for students at a Master level. In addition, the result will serve as an assessment of library usage to demonstrate effective management and leadership practices that will result in continuous improvement with an increasing use of resources and services.
library use, academic library, student achievement, graduate students