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    Reasons for Teacher Turnover : A study conducted on school teachers in Dubai
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2010-04) Ahuja, Sumita
    The project is an aim to investigate the reasons due to which teachers leave their jobs in Dubai. Dubai, by character is a country where about eighty percent of the population is expatriate population. Two different systems of education run parallel to serve the population of Dubai. The public school system caters to the local population and the private school system which serves mainly the children of the expatriates in the country. The public schools are run and managed by locals with a few native speakers and the private schools are run and managed by the expatriates of different countries. Whereas there are a variety of public schools, the variations are not as many as in the private schools. There are schools of varying countries, curriculums, and fee structures so much so that doing a study of this kind is very difficult without making generalizations which sometimes may not be very accurate. However from our experiences as a teacher and a student of education, we had a hunch that Teacher turnover is as big, if not a bigger problem in Dubai as it is in other countries of the world. Though we could not estimate the actual volume of turnover as schools and school groups were very hesitant in giving any sort of information, we could get enough data to study the reasons for teacher turnover in Dubai and on the basis of that make some policy suggestions to reduce turnover in Dubai. The methodology followed was that of questionnaires and interviews. It was revealed that “dissatisfaction” with their jobs is one of the biggest reasons of teacher turnover in Dubai. When investigated further, many reasons of teacher dissatisfaction came to the fore and “salaries and benefits” headed the list of reasons for teacher dissatisfaction. Based on our results, we have outlined policy measures which can prove useful in reducing turnover of teachers. It has been a long journey of many months of hard work in groundwork, data collection and final analysis but we are satisfied that we have been able to undertake a unique study, studying turnover in Dubai from various angles and finding solutions to overcome it.
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    Staff Development: A Study Into The Significance of Staff Professional Development Programs for Educators and Students Achievement
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2011-05) Hamshari, Eman Rasmi
    The concept of staff professional development and its effectiveness has been a key area of discussion for long. Several authors/ researchers have made an attempt to touch upon the different dimensions associated with PD programs. This dissertation attempts to study the significance of staff professional development for educators and how it can affect students’ achievement. Literature review conducted puts forth the rationale for such research work. In this context, various models of staff development have been discussed along with pros and cons. Moreover, in order to induce the teachers with an incentive to actively participate in staff development, role of leaders as motivators has been highlighted. The job is only half done if PD programs are implemented but not assessed to identify how it affects student’s learning. Therefore, considerate importance is given to discuss how the PD program can be made actionable. The primary data collected via survey at schools has been conducted to highlight the perspectives of school regarding such programs in the region. In addition, this dissertation attempts to provide guidelines to educators on how to define PDPs, their execution and their assessment for improvements. After careful analysis of response from principals, it was identified that student learning via PDPs is considered an essential activity by schools in this region. Unfortunately, the end results of such programs are not as effective as desired for several reasons. One of those critical reasons is lack of planning in conducting such programs, i.e. path of execution, aims of programs and evaluation mechanisms are unclear. On the other hand, there is a strong motivation registered from teachers, which is playing a role in getting teachers to undertake such programs or become part of such activities. Leaders of schools in this region are in the process of identifying how to appropriately use PDPs as motivational tools for teachers to achieve improvement in learning.
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    A Study of Women in Educational Leadership in Dubai: A Private Sector Perspective
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2006-09) Sim, Rachael Elizabeth
    Leadership continues to be perceived as a male dominated realm. When women enter the world of educational leadership, their narratives show that their experience of leadership is unique. The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of women in leadership in British curriculum private schools in the Emirate of Dubai. There were four main areas of discussion. Firstly, the impact of culture on the experience of female leadership was explored. Secondly, the leadership styles of the women were examined. In addition to this, the impact of gender was discussed with specific reference to stereotypes and prejudice. Finally, the reasons why the women believed they had been successful were explored. Six women were interviewed their responses were analysed in relation to current thinking on educational leadership. The findings of this study show that the predominant culture in the UAE continues to impact on the way women lead and the leadership styles women tend towards. Gender is not central to the way women perceive themselves, but women are stereotyped to some extent. These stereotypes are not always necessarily negative and tend to place women in nurturing roles. The gender balance of senior management teams is biased and this could be due to the patriarchal nature of the culture in Dubai. Women were successful because they were able to adapt to the expectations of others, without compromising their own beliefs of what constitutes effective leadership.
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    Do Private Schools in Abu Dhabi UAE foster critical thinking as one of the main objectives of education?
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2015-02) SAAD, GEORGE JEAN
    Critical thinking is the process of determining the meaningfulness, accuracy, value of information and authenticity which raise the likelihood of reaching desired goals as recognized by the thinker. The aim of the present study is to identify and analyze the teaching methods and strategies used by teachers of private schools in Abu Dhabi UAE to enhance critical thinking skills among students. The current study adopted quantitative and cross sectional study design, where the study population targeted on both teachers and students (4th Graders, 5th Graders and University students) from an Al Najah Private School in Abu Dhabi UAE to identify how training was provided for teachers to foster critical thinking. In previous studies the importance of critical thinking with respect to private schools is lacking, thus the present study fills this gap by exploring the critical thinking among the students and teachers. The findings of this study explore the critical thinking pattern existing among the students and teachers. The teaching strategies followed by the teachers enhancing critical thinking skills among students. In addition, the teacher’s teaching strategies and students learning methods has a positive relationship and teacher’s teaching strategies increases students learning methods would likely to increase. The role of critical thinking skills in schools plays a major role in students learning methods. The study concluded that the teacher’s critical thinking in schools is essential in education institutions.
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    Lateral violence among registered nurses working in government hospitals of UAE
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2013-12) Alyileili, Aishah Khameis Khalfan Obaid
    Workplace violence in healthcare setting is a worldwide phenomenon. The nature of workplace violence in the nursing context is mainly a nonphysical behavior. The literature shows the consequences for the individual, either physically or emotionally, depending on the nature of the violence act itself. This research study investigates the extent of workplace violence, targeting registered nurses working in Ministry of health hospitals (MOH). The research objectives addressed a variety of aspects, such as types, prevalence, perpetrators, consequences, and management of workplace violence. For the sake of this study, a quantitative, descriptive research design, utilizing a comprehensive survey, was chosen for conducting this research study. This study included 1077 registered nurses (RN) working in six government hospitals. The study findings revealed that the perpetration of nonphysical violence acts against registered nurses is widespread, particularly that perpetrated by patients’ relatives and patients. Though the respondents know and understand the procedures of how and where to report any episode of workplace violence, but unfortunately, most of them were disappointed because no actions will be taken by the authority. All of these findings have particular implications towards the management of workplace violence as the recommendations arising from this study directed at specific areas, such as the role of management, creation of awareness, empowerment of RN nurses, and nurses’ support. Finally, this research study suggests other recommendations for further research concerning the issue of Lateral Violence.
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    Evaluating Textbook Questions and Classroom Instructional Questionsfor Grade 6 Science in a Private School in Dubai based on the Revised Bloom‟s Taxonomy
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2014-07) Khreibi, Rima Abou
    This study attempted to analyse Grade 6 Science textbook and classroom instruction questions. The textbook and instructional questions were analysed using the Revised Bloom‟s Taxonomy to ascertain the type of cognitive process and knowledge that is being taught in a Grade 6 Sciencecurriculum in a private international school in Dubai, U.A.E. Since questions play an important role in critical and creative thinking it is important to investigate the levels of questions used in the textbook and during instruction to determine the level of higher order thinking and critical thinking being taught in schools. The research used a qualitative approach of textbook analysis using the Revised Bloom‟s Taxonomy where questions were tallied and analysed according to the appropriate cognitive dimension and knowledge dimension. Based on the results, it was found that lower order thinking questions are more commonly found both in the textbook and during instructions than higher order thinking questions. Furthermore, questions in the textbook emphasized “Remember” process, while instructional questions emphasized the “Understand” cognitive process. The most common knowledge dimension in both textbook and instructional process is the “Conceptual” knowledge. Based on this study‟s findings it is recommended that textbook writers and educators include more higher order questions within curriculum and pedagogy to help improve critical thinking among learners.
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    Achievement in Taught Modules as a Predictor of Subsequent Behaviour of Project Management Masters Students in The British University in Dubai
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2012-04) Uchil, Nandini
    A review of literature demonstrates that there are several studies on different aspects of higher education including progression patterns, achievement, completion and predictors of academic success. In this study, the researcher investigates the influence of student performance in the taught modules in the MSc Project Management (MPM) programme on the second stage of the programme, the dissertation component. Further, the researcher investigates the correlation between the taught modules overall grade and the time taken to complete the dissertation. That is, whether a good overall performance in the taught modules leads to timely completion of the dissertation and thus the programme itself, or vice versa. This study is important as completion rates seem to be an issue in higher education and, specifically in the MPM programme in The British University in Dubai. Quantitative research methods are used for analysis of data collected from the University records/archives, and descriptive and inferential analyses are used to interpret the data. An independent t-test and Pearson Correlation Coefficient tests were used to test the two-tailed hypotheses. Findings show that performance in the first part of the programme (taught modules) is neither a predictor of subsequent behavior in terms of programme completion nor does it have a bearing on the time taken to complete the second stage (dissertation). This indicates that the taught modules do not necessarily add value to the students’ learning and does not prepare them to handle the rigors of dissertation work. The implications of these findings are discussed and recommendations are made to the policy makers to enhance the structure of the programme which could lead to higher completion rates.
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    An Investigative Study into the Socialization and Learning of Children at a Preschool in Dubai, U.A.E. and the Parental Demographic Factors that may Contribute to it
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2012-05) Gandhi, Vandana Kumar
    Using data from the research study conducted in a preschool in UAE, the researcher has examined the effect of early years education on the learning and socialization of nursery age children. The learning and development was measured to look into the effect of the early years education on the children, and linkages were further tested to investigate the parental demographic influence on it if any. The results across all age groups and demographic factors studied are interesting. The implications of these results are timely and crucial for the UAE government, in the absence of any research done within the country on the early years education. A detailed review is provided on research proven across the world on the linkages of early years programs to children’s school readiness and their cognitive development. The position of UAE is clearly outlined, and the challenges pertaining to this crucial sector discussed. Public investment in this sector is currently negligible. The major activities in this pre-primary stage are carried out by a handful in the private sector. It can therefore be inferred that there is low participation and low quality of pre-schooling if compared to powerful knowledge economies, and given the fact that these important years form the foundation of later achievements for the young child, it is imperative that all stake holders and most importantly the government must introduce positive change and reforms and more importantly implement them effectively by increasing participation in this sector.
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    Governance Reform: Stepping Stone to the Implementation of Decentralization Policy in the UAE Education System
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2008-05) Fattah, Ahmed Abdel Latif Ahmed Mohammad Abdel
    This research presents to UAE political leaders and educational specialists a study of an aspect that constitutes a problem for the UAE education system. This study provides evidence from literature and data gathered in schools to show that the current centralization policy has many implications contributing to the weak performance of the public schools and consequently the weak students learning outcomes. Focusing on Human Resources and Curriculum, the research investigates the management ingredients which need to be decentralized and the type of decentralization which could best utilize them. The research finds that the delegation type of decentralization could provide the best mechanism to achieve the goals of vision 2020 and would provide a supportive environment to the learning site, actors, and process. In an attempt to shape a model for schools which can work best for the delegation type of decentralization, this research consulted the Qatar Education Reform Project, Independent School Management, and similar models of decentralization in the USA. Accordingly, it identified the lessons which could be learned and would contribute to the successful adoption of decentralization policy in the UAE education system. Finally, based on extensive research, the research identifies valid reform strategies and principles for the UAE educations system and its national culture conditions. The research further proposes an action plan to mostly implement the decentralization policy to better develop the UAE public school performance and to achieve the targeted students learning outcomes.
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    Emirati Student Voice: An Exploration
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2006-09) Kenaid, Kaltham Salem
    This study set out to explore student voice. The aim of this study was to capture student voice and identify how students contributed to school decision making. Research was conducted in three Dubai secondary government schools for girls. The research questions that guided the study are: 1) How do students express their views and opinions in school? 2) How do students perceive their role in school decision making? Qualitative research methods were used to answer the research questions which included focus group of students, individual interviews of school staff, and visual images. A school as community model formulated provided the theoretical framework for interpreting the data. This conceptual framework helped in examining student voice and the relationship between the students and the adults in school. The findings of the present study reveal that student do not contribute to school decision making. They also depicted how the participants view their relationship with each other. Three areas were identified that influence the student voice: governance, culture of care and agency. Recommendations, which were built on the findings, are addressed to educators to consider students as partners in their own education and not the object of it. Additional areas are suggested for future research
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    EdPERF: The development of an instrument to measure perceived service quality in secondary schools
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2007-05) Saayman, Corlea
    Private education has become a profitable business. But, profitability can only be achieved if the perceived service quality is acceptable to customers who, in the case of schools, are students and parents. Service quality in schools emphasizes the need for management to identify and improve service delivery continuously. This study developed a protocol (EdPERF) for determining quality service provision in schools. It drew on best practice from accreditation instruments of leading international school accrediting agencies. EdPERF measures the quality of service delivery in schools by analyzing customer perception in four key areas: School Leadership, Academic Success, Non Academic Aspects and Support Services The purpose of EdPERF is to help school managers identify areas in which customers are not satisfied with the service they currently receive. Establishing methods to improve this quality enables school managers to achieve a competitive advantage and build customer satisfaction. Results obtained from private schools and the conclusions drawn were shared with the Principals. Their subjective opinions on the level of validity were used to assess the effectiveness and reliability of the instrument. The Principals concurred that the protocol had indeed identified areas which they too had observed. The author is proposing an industry specific instrument that identifies areas of satisfaction/dissatisfaction as perceived by parents and students, and validated by school managers.
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    Are They Making A Difference ?
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2008-06) Younes, Basema .M.
    The focus of this study is about how UAE women could manage to achieve education and occupy leading positions . I started my research looking at early times when unity era commenced and females were able to enroll in schools by support from their families and government. This start was the way for the other generations of girls to continue in higher education and make the difference. The introductory chapter about the history of education in the UAE , shows how females were allowed to get education since the period of “Mutawwa”. At that time, Islamic regulations and teachings that grants females their rights were obeyed ,so older females used to teach the smaller ones the Quran in parallel with male “Mutawa” who taught boys. Later periods , show how education was still an important issue and how supporting this virtue made the country become vastly advanced .The idea of investing in the largest number of population formed of females and granting them higher education allowed the UAE step to the future with a dependent national workforce . Each of the ten case studies in this paper , presented the facts of how UAE women become successful through ten selective personalities talking about their lives in their own words .Case studies were always a reliable way to explore facts and lives .As UAE is known to be a conservative community that may not allow others to seek internal information ,but through this study and interviews , others may learn that the UAE advancement is made by such people who know what can their experiences support and how can talking about their past enhance females achievements . These case studies also support focusing on the importance of education to make the difference. In these case studies readers will find out how women’s success could happen by granting them education with liberal thinking and the help of different relations around 2 them .It can happen if women were also eager to bear any difficult surrounding circumstances and one of them is risking being left alone without The concluding chapter of my study , discusses main and minor variables that enhanced females success . They also focused on how females used equity granted to them in the constitution to seek higher education and look at future as their aim for success and leading positions , although this prevented them from many important social rights .
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    Learning journals in a British curriculum school in Dubai: how relevant is the concerns based adoption model in measuring teacher concerns
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2006-12) Macfarlane, William
    This study uses the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM) to investigate teacher concerns as they implement a new policy called ‘Learning Journals’ during the academic year 2005-06. The setting is an English curriculum school in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Teachers’ concerns are identified through a questionnaire and translated into six ‘stages of concern’ (SoC) on a hierarchical scale from 0 where the teacher is not aware of the innovation, through to the final stage 6 where the practitioner seeks to improve or replace the innovation. Previous CBAM studies found that at the beginning of an innovation most teachers will have peak concerns at the personal (2) and management (3) stages. As practitioners become more experienced using the innovation and with appropriate interventions, concerns become more focused on the innovation’s impact. This study hypothesises that after one year of using Learning Journals, teachers’ concern profiles will peak at the personal and management stages. It is also hypothesised that more experienced practitioners and those with management responsibilities will have lower personal and management concerns and higher concerns about impact or consequence compared to their colleagues The findings show that average personal and management concerns were high after the first year of the Learning Journal innovation but so were all other concern stages with the exception of the consequence stage (4). Moreover, there was no clear difference in the concern profiles of more experienced teachers or managers compared to their colleagues.
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    Application of youth leadership development curriculum in public secondary schools in UAE: an investigative study
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2012-03) Al Hammoudi, Aisha Saeed Ali
    This research aims to examine the existence or non-existence of a youth leadership development curriculum in the government secondary schools in the UAE, together with the ability or inability of these schools to prepare students for the reality of today's world and the requirements of the workforce in the twenty-first century. Moreover, the research seeks to clarify the skills and competences that should be targeted by the public secondary schools in order to develop the potentials and abilities of the youth. Simultaneously, and at a parallel line, the research focuses on the main foundations in the UAE that specialize in youth leadership development. The aim here is to assess their current role in preparing youth, and the possible role of these foundations in relation to filling the gap as youth leadership development providers to the ministry of education in UAE in any future leadership training. The tools used for gathering information for the research consisted of interviews, questionnaires, and reviews of documents. The findings of the research indicate the absence of youth leadership curriculum applied in the public secondary schools of the UAE; two different perspectives relating to the adequate preparation of students in the UAE public secondary schools for their future roles; and consensus between the participants of all categories on a group of 10 skills to be learned in the public schools due to their importance in preparing students for a fruitful life and successful workforce. Based on the findings, recommendations were made to highlight the benefits and advantages of the application of the youth leadership curriculum in the UAE public secondary schools, together with a suggested set of methods for the actual process of application of this curriculum.
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    Analyzing the Industrial Internship Training Practices at the Institute of Applied Technology: In affiliation with the three stakeholders: students, institute and industries
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2012-04) Rodrigues, Gilda Minnette
    This study aims at giving prominence to the Industrial Internship Program at the Institute of Applied Technology, in the United Arab Emirates, for grade 11 students, who graduate in one of the Engineering Science, Electrical Engineering, Automation & Mechatronics or Information & Computer Technology clusters. There are three stake holders involved in this research: the students undergoing the Internship, the Institute catering to the program and the Industries hosting and providing the internship. This study is centered around the perspectives of these three stakeholders. The research investigates if the following aims of the program are met: a. to gain work experience and work ethics b. to put to practice what they learn at school. c. to foster close and cooperative relationships with the community, industry, commerce, and the government. This research also highlights the role played by potential businesses in making the internship experience a success. The data required for this research was collected from students and all company supervisors during the internship period, through questionnaires and interviews. The data was then analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). This study will help the three stakeholders in enhancing the Industrial Internship Training effectiveness in the near future.
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    Suggested Approach for Developing Mathematical Process in Applied Technology High School Based on Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2012-04) Ayob, Hisham Hanfy Hassan
    The title of this study is “Suggested Approach for developing Mathematical Process in Applied Technology High School Based on the Standards of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)”. The aim of this study is to analyze the content of Mathematics curriculum at the Applied Technology High School (ATHS) in Dubai in order to determine the reasons behind the students’ low achievements in the ATHS exams and International Examinations. The Applied Technology High School (ATHS) is a governmental school.”It offers career – based technical education (CTE) in English at the secondary and tertiary levels. The institute five campuses are located in UAE at Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, RAK, and Fujairah with its directorate located in Abu Dhabi. The institute was found in 2005 through royal decree of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan president of United Arab Emirates, Ruler of Abu Dhabi as a corporate body with full financial and administrative independence.” (IAT, 2009) The researcher analyzed the content of Mathematics at the Applied Technology High School (ATHS) based on the standards of national council of teacher of math (NCTM) and the results of the analysis showed that the content of the curriculum was compatible with international standards. The educational process consists of three dimensions; the curriculum, the learner and the teacher. Since Applied Technology High School follows a specific system in the selection of students as enrolled students must pass the entrance exam, so the enrolled students have the minimum requirement to study at ATHS. And since the analysis of the curriculum content showed that the ATHS curriculum is compatible with the international standards, so the problem behind the students’ low performance most probably is the teaching process (problem solving, mathematical reasoning, and mathematical communication). Based on the analysis results the researcher suggested an approach to develop the teacher’s skills in teaching with mathematical process to enhance the students’ achievement in the ATHS and international exams. Also the researcher suggested an observation tool to follow up the teachers’ performance in the classroom.
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    Job Satisfaction among Registered Nurses Working in UAE Ministry of Health Hospitals: Demographic Correlates
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2012-03) El-Salibi, Bilal Abbas; TD 0334 ELS
    Objective: This study investigates the level of satisfaction of nurses working in Ministry of health hospitals (MOH) and the influence of their personal demographics on their job satisfaction. Background: Given the current difficulties experienced by Emirati hospitals in recruiting and retaining a sufficient number of nurses, the need to determine the reasons of nurses’ dissatisfaction are urgent. Retention has been directly related both to job satisfaction and particular demographics. Satisfaction at work is essentially a personal experience that is also affected by cultural factors. This study examines the links between personal demographics and nurses’ dissatisfaction. Methods: The study included 726 registered nurses (RN) from six MOH hospitals using Muller/McCloskey (1990) satisfaction scale, and demographic instrument developed for this reason (2011).Descriptive correlational design was used to assess the influence of these demographics on their level of job satisfaction. Results: Four factors were derived from the factor analysis: “Approval”, “Scheduling”, “Professional” and “Maintenance” needs accounting for 85.2% of the total variance. Nurses were found to be dissatisfied with two factors: the Maintenance (M=2.05) and professional ones (M=2.70). MOH nurses were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their job (M=3), but hovering toward dissatisfaction with the Approval (M=3.36) and Scheduling dimensions (M=3.18). Demographics such as gender, place of work, tenure as RN, Length of experience in the present hospital, work Unit, Shift, traveling distance, financing family, place of growth and employment change significantly contributed to job satisfaction. However, age, education level, degree besides nursing, marital status, number of children, nursing position, working hours, residency, and Emirate Nursing Association membership did not influence nurses’ satisfaction. Conclusion/implications: This study adds to the existing body of knowledge of the factors impacting nurses’ satisfaction. Nurse administrators may use the findings of this study as a baseline to improve job satisfaction. Enhancement of extrinsic elements, professional nursing practice, professional growth, career advancement, recognition and encouragement are all recommended to enhance nurses’ satisfaction and retention.
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    The Impact of Teacher Inclusion in Decision-Making on School Performance
    (The British University in Dubai (BUiD), 2011-12) Mohamed, Nagy Fathy
    Much as the corporate world has realized that the input of valued employees can greatly benefit a company, the educational landscape is also shifting from autocratic administrators making unilateral decisions to inclusive administrators who are allowing teachers to participate in the daily functions and policy-making procedures to benefit the school. Directly involving teachers in the decision-making process has many positive impacts on both the school and the teachers, which are then reflected in the attitudes of the students.Therefore school systems must be reformed and restructured to activate the role of the teachers by giving them more authority and giving them constructive roles in addition to their teaching mission to make them active members in the decision-making community. In turn, teacher participation needs to be meaningful and should effectively improve their skills and abilities. The literature supports the active involvement of teachers in the decision-making process by presenting the multiple benefits of active teacher involvement, which include increased job satisfaction, improved student and school performance, and a much healthier school culture. The case study at the heart of this thesis compared the effect that two principals, with two opposing management styles, had on a school’s culture, students’ performance and the school’s performance. Both qualitative and quantitative methods of research were used in this case study to reach the final conclusions and resulting recommendations. Rather than using a single-method approach, which would limit the findings and data sources, the dual-method approach gives a much more holistic view of the many issues directly related to teacher involvement and administrative inclusion. The collected data and the analysis provided by the researcher present clear evidence that teacher input has a tremendous impact on students’ academic achievement and the overall school environment as well. The teacher is one of the most important factors that directly impacts the quality of education in a school and the school’s progress. The research asserts that the teachers’ performance is directly proportional to the school performance and the results proved that involving teachers in school decision-making processes has a positive, lasting impact on school performance.