Enhancing the construction innovation practices using exploratory project to overcome construction innovation’s obstacle and improve the project performance

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Even though the field of construction occupies a privileged place in a country’s economy, the innovation in the construction industry is suffering due to the low quality and slow growth comparing to other industries. Taking into account the role of innovation to succeed in a fast changing and extremely competitive market which highlights the high importance of innovation in the construction market for development and better opportunities. Hence, this research is investigating the reasons behind the backward of innovation in the construction industry and to propose solutions to reduce this gap. After intensive research, a gap has been noticed on the effect of level of innovation and procurement management on the construction project innovation. Accordingly, the role of construction projects’ obstacles and its effect in improving the exploratory project innovation and performance has not been studied before which provides a uniqueness to this research. To achieve this research goals, the impact on the projects’ performance will be studied in relation between the exploratory project’s level of innovation and procurement management type in construction projects (one of construction innovation obstacles) as well as the impact on each other. In order to validate these objectives, a quantitative method is followed based on data collected by a survey filled by professionals in the construction industry. The data collected were valid and reliable as proved by Cronbach and Spearman tests. The process of analyzing the data confirmed that there is a strong positive relation among the exploratory project’s level of innovation, collaborative procurement management, and project performance. Furthermore, the analysis indicated the role of procurement management as a moderator between the level of innovation and the performance.
exploratory project, level of innovation, construction innovation, procurement management, construction management, project performance