Do Public Schools in UAE foster critical thinking as one of the main objectives of education?

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The goal of incorporating critical thinking process in students is to develop individuals who value knowledge and learning, who can think for themselves, evaluate every piece of information, and to contribute in building a thoughtful society. Modern education has focused on fostering critical thinking and cognitive thinking in students, believing that thinking is the key and the core of education to develop intellectual and insightful people that can contribute positively in their life and their society. Applying critical and cognitive thinking techniques is a complicated process. Students can not acquire them by themselves; on the contrary they should be taught in schools, step by step, in order eventually to become part of their own life style. A study was conducted in one Public Model School. Different types of research methodologies were used such as questionnaires, interviews and observations in order to gather data related to the research question, as to whether Public Schools are applying critical thinking strategies in teaching. Results obtained from the study, concentrated on the teachers actual teaching practices in the classrooms and analyzed students reactions and their point of views in regard to those practices. This dissertation is not intended to criticize teachers and school practices. It is intended to serve the enhancement of intelligent behavior as a legitimate goal of education and to invite critical assessment of existing school practices to the contribution to students’ instinctual growth and to foster critical and cognitive thinking in teaching strategies.
public schools, United Arab Emirates (UAE), critical thinking, cognitive thinking, teaching practices, teaching strategies