An Exploration of Critical Success Factors of Virtual Distributed Projects

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The present report executed provides in-depth analysis and evaluation of critical success factors of Virtual Distributed Projects. For this, the entire research process has been properly aligned by presenting work of academic scholars and authors. Through this, the emphasis is made on understanding the concept of project, project management, distributed projects and virtual teams. Further, the research work is further done by exploring the critical success factors which contribute in the accomplishment of projects. These are inclusive of Risk Management, Team Motivation, Planning, Strong Project Closure, Clarifying Objectives, Technology, Selection of Team Members and Management Support. The report has been structured appropriately were Research Methodology has been applied to the work so that investigators get facilitated with the way through which entire study can be structured in appropriate manner. The tools used are research approach, philosophy, data collection tools, sampling and data analysis. This has assisted in acquiring various facts about the significance of virtually distributed projects. Along with the same, different advantages that leaders working in the organization can have through virtual team has been worked out specifically. By assessing critical success factors, the understanding pertaining to the advancement that virtual projects can offer has been investigated thoroughly. The report also researched the fact that the analysis conducted on exploring critical success factors of virtual distributed projects also has some limitations. It is found that people do not participate in virtual distributed projects due to small scale of their working operations. Further, the study also supported some of the recommendations regarding the role of team activities in strengthening team cohesiveness so that development of team in integration to achieve the successful implementation and execution of virtual distributed projects can be worked out in better way to gain the advantage of enhanced organizational outcome and profitability through advancement and progress. This is how the entire research work has been designed and undertaken.
critical success factors, virtual distributed projects, project management, risk management, team motivation