Emirati Female Principals and Vice Principals in Public Schools in Dubai: Personality, Leadership Style and Mentorship

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study was conducted on female Emirati principals and their vice principals. The focus of this study was on the factors that might be associated with leadership of principals and vice principals in Dubai female public schools. A questionnaire was distributed on the sample. After they were collected, the findings were analyzed by using ANOVA, Correlations and Chi square. The ANOVA results showed age and personality was related to the sample's educational leadership. The correlations results exhibited that personality correlated with more than one factor (like experience, leadership style and position). In addition, this research also focused on leadership styles and concluded that Transformational leadership style was dominant among the participants. Moreover, the participants of this study exhibited both masculine and feminine traits, and most of them spent little time in their offices. This study also explored the difficulties faced by the sample; it discussed also the characteristics of effective leaders. Finally, the recommendations focused on the suggestion of implementing mentorship for the participants, due to the fact that the sample lacked mentorship, and this could affect the way they do their jobs positively.
female principals, vice principals, public schools, Dubai, leadership style, mentorship, personality, Emirati, transformational leadership