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Title: Comparative analysis of daylight glare metrics
Keywords: daylight
glare metrics
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The objective of this work is to compare the outcomes of various daylight glare metrics including Daylight Glare Probability, CIE Glare Index, Unified Glare Rating, BRS Glare Index, Guth Glare Rating, and Visual Comfort Probability. A new glare metric was developed and is given the name of Glare Threshold Differential. Radiance software within IESVE environment was used as the simulation tool. Over 150 simulations were made for different orientations and for different observer locations. The findings indicate that different glare metrics do not result in the same conclusion. The new proposed metric has a potential to be a good indicator of daylight glare.
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