Major challenges to the successful implementation and practice of PMO in the UAE government organizations

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British University in Dubai
This paper investigates PMO challenges, PMO effectiveness and PMO maturity level in a number of UAE government organizations. Government organizations are usually challenged by structure and complexity issues, how to run and manage their processes, technological inefficiencies and other emerging situations. The challenges ultimately affect PMO effectiveness. The study aims at analyzing the concept of PMO and the restructuring they bring in their implementation, examine PMO effectiveness, identify the challenges as well as the degree to which these challenges affect PMO effectiveness. The paper also presents the interrelationship between these three variables namely PMO challenges, maturity level and effectiveness. The research was conducted with a sample of 69 respondents who are members of staff selected from 24 different government organizations. Findings from the study suggest that PMO maturity level not only affects PMO effectiveness, but also the extent to which the PMO is able to deal with arising PMO challenges. The theoretical framework used to conduct the study was that PMO maturity level, PMO challenges as well as PMO effectiveness are correlated. The study found that all three variables are interrelated, with PMO maturity level affecting PMO effectiveness as well as its ability to effectively deal with emerging challenges. The findings of this study are particularly useful to organizations that are planning to start a PMO as a managerial strategy, as well as those that are already started but face numerous challenges that impede their effectiveness. From the findings of this study, it is recommended that in setting up PMOs, organizations should not only consider organization goals, but also the resources that are available to achieve these goals. Resources mean implementation of good technology, acquiring highly qualified staff that will be able to create benefits for the entire organization.
PMO challenges, Government organizations, United Arab Emirates (UAE), managerial strategy, organization goals