Smart Technology Improves TPM on Material Handling System in Freight Facilities

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in material handling systems stands to benefit greatly from the introduction of smart technology into goods facilities. Manual labour-intensive conventional practises typically result in mistakes and higher overall expenses. Focusing on automation, data analysis, cost-effectiveness, security, and scalability, this study investigates the influence of smart technology adoption on TPM in goods facilities. This study takes a holistic look at the link between TPM practises, smart technology integration, and the perceived effects of each. The findings show that there is a strong correlation between the use of smart technology, improved TPM practises, and the perceived effects on TPM. This dissertation uses rigorous statistical analysis to offer useful insights that will help logistics firms improve their material-handling operations in the age of smart technologies.
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), smart technology, smart technology integration