Enhancing Employees’ Job Satisfaction in the Context of Workplace Bullying in a Project Management Organization (X)

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that enhance the employees’ job satisfaction in organization X and to investigate the effects of specific factors on improving the level of employee's job satisfaction such as: good working environment, promotion opportunities, recognition and personal growth and development. Organization X is a private organization in Abu Dhabi – UAE. This organization is facing a problem with employees’ dissatisfaction as the employees have faced bullying at workplace from the new general manager, and their work needs were not recognized by the management of the organization X. This issue considered as critical issue for the organization as the consequences of bullying phenomenon affects the employees’ satisfaction and put the organization in a risk level as the employees’ productivity affected as well. Therefore, this study aimed to understand how the organization can enhance the employee job satisfaction by taking suitable actions. A literature review was conducted to study the consequences of bullying on employees’ job satisfaction. Then, the effects of good working environment, promotion opportunities, recognition, and personal growth and development on job satisfaction were investigated. And the relationship between these four factors and job satisfaction was revealed. A quantitative research method was conducted, and the data of a sample of respondents to questionnaire items from employees of organization X was analyzed. The correlation and regression were used to examine the relationship between the mentioned four factors and the job satisfaction. It was found that the four independent variables correlate positively with job satisfaction variable. The research results conclude that promotion opportunity has a significant positive correlation with job satisfaction and the study suggests that promotion opportunities as it is the top influencer, it has a strong impact on employee’s job satisfaction. And the other influencers that have proved to affect job satisfaction and have the second level influence on job satisfaction are good working environment, recognition, and personal growth and development. A number of recommendations were proposed to be realized in organization X to enhance the employees’ job satisfaction.
job satisfaction, good working environment, promotion opportunities, recognition, personal growth and development.