Investigating the effect of Light Pipes, as Daylight Strategy, on Employee Performance Levels in High-Rise Office Buildings in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Corresponding with the importance of daylighting, studies have established the non-energy related benefits of daylighting at office buildings. Quantitative studies and qualitative statements are utilized during the course of this research to study the integration of light pipes, as part of daylighting strategy in office buildings, and its effects on employee performance levels. Data compiled from books, journals and interviews as prime sources of research and analysis have provided the essential background information necessary to identify the main subjects of this research paper. Interviews conducted provided essential details related to employees perspective about bringing daylighting inside their offices. The research takes part in two phases; the first phase involves comprehensive analysis and study of light pipes and their application in high rise office building, while the second phase involves simulation of the effect of introducing natural light on employee performance levels inside a workspace. In this research, the performance and efficiency of various sizes of light pipes inside a high rise office building is explored. Simulation models were employed to test a given office space in Dubai, and explore the integration of three main different sizes of vertical and horizontal light pipes to help achieve uniform daylighting level at the workspace during the day and thus improve employee performance levels. The literature available concludes that environmental factors have an effect on the ability of employee to perform inside an office space.
light pipes, daylighting, employee performance, high-rise office buildings, United Arab Emirates (UAE), environmental factors, Dubai