Delivering Innovation in Projects: An Investigation on the Impact of Heterogeneous Cultural Intelligence in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Culture plays a significantly important role in project management. In the past researches, the performance of organizations was explored but there is little emphasis on delivering innovation and impact of heterogeneous cultural intelligence. The aim of this research is to explore the perception of project management heterogeneity, innovation, and cultural intelligence, the connection between project heterogeneity and the process of project managers’ decisions making considering the related opportunities and challenges, and develop a framework for delivering innovation in projects investigating the influence of heterogeneous cultural intelligence and decision-making models within UAE. Additionally, the main research questions are: How can heterogeneous cultural intelligence influence delivering innovation in projects? What are the different factors and/or elements that impact heterogeneity and innovation? And what are the measurements associated with heterogeneity and innovation outcomes? The methodology used in this study is quantitative research method in terms of data collection and data analysis such as online survey questionnaire and statistical analysis. The findings showed that there are similarities between literature findings and current data findings from survey questions. Therefore, the findings showed positive relationship of teamwork within heterogeneous teams in projects. Another interesting findings made was challenges faced such as conflicts, stresses, weak cohesiveness, poor mechanisms, disagreements and difficulties in working together. In addition, cultural diversity showing effects on innovation and leadership effectiveness but high CQ levels in minimizing such effects. Furthermore, individuals face some challenges in their capabilities to deal with heterogeneous project team but they are doing well.
project innovation, heterogeneous cultural intelligence, diversity, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project management.