Auto Mechanism International Cleaning System Project Management of Cleaning Panels Opportunity in the Exterior Design Approach to Achieve Design Growth in the Built Environment

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Due to covid-19 pandemic and the extremely needs for a healthier environment, weather from the exterior elevations or from the interior materials, the auto mechanism cleaning system came to improve the sustainability through the cleaning system, to improve the lifestyle & the health of human-beings, and to increase the culture motivation between us in create an easier life, in addition to enhance the technological orientation as well as the sustainable orientation from worldwide, due to the move toward a technological sustainable environment. Most of the researchers focused on studying solar panels and glass panels on the aspects of the natural atmosphere such as wind, rain, dust, and other natural weather conditions that we are exposed to in the life cycle of the globe, in addition to studying the amount of dust on these panels and the proportions of dust resulting from exposure of panels to rain and wind. And the resulting dust ratios, and then an example of a city located in Poland was mentioned, in which the dust ratios in solar panels were compared to window panels, and the extent to which the quality and efficiency of these panels was affected negatively or positively. This Dissertation presents a solution to the problem of quality and efficiency of panels in the presence of natural factors, in addition To the extent of storage capacity of solar energy rays and their estimated percentage, and to the methods of preserving the texture of glass panels and solar panels as materials, what materials will be used to enhance the project, the management method and the end result of the product , theoretically, scientifically, and commercially, because of what it enhances the methods of sustainability services in order to preserve human health , the environment and the technology for cultural stimulation that brings benefit to living organisms from humans, animals and plants. The dissertation will be focusing on a problem to solve and to go in parallel with two directions, first direction the theoretical part and the second direction is the practical part, which will focus on a business scope of work, and from theoretical side will focus on the researchers’ experiences, collecting the positive results in coordination with the negative results in order to improve the output methodology of the Auto-Mechanism Cleaning system. As well as changing the negative results of the researcher’s results experiences and transfer it into a positive business case which will serve the human-beings as well as the human health and providing a cleaning methodology for the buildings.
auto mechanism, international cleaning system, project management, built environment