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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Entrepreneurship is one of the outstanding disciplines in the field of business that involves cultivation of the culture of business within individuals. The main goal of this study was to examine and investigate the enablers and barriers to entrepreneurship. Further, the paper intent was to ascertain the impacts of entrepreneurship and also find out factors that spur entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The goal and objectives of this study was realized and achieved by collecting empirical data and analyses were done by use of SPSS 23 software for windows. The data were made available through online questionnaire and hard copy where the participants were sent the survey questions containing different sections and from which they were required to answers the questions. Data collection was followed by qualitative data description from the existing knowledge and theories and later the data was subjected to Cronbach’s alpha test to determine the similarities and differences among the respondents. The grounded theory method was used in this research paper to persuade and also to provide insights and information about the enablers and barriers to entrepreneurship with a given business organization and further to provide knowledge about the perceptions, points of view, opinions, attitudes and feelings of the selected respondents about the enablers and barriers to entrepreneurship. The research outcomes were based on the grounded theory method, deductive and inductive qualitative approach in regard to enablers and barriers to entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates. A total of four hypotheses were developed to form the basis for finding the solution to the problem in question. A factor analysis which consisted of three grouping was developed from the factors that influence the success or failure of the entrepreneurship activities in the UAE. Entrepreneurship has formed a cornerstone to the production and sustainability of the economy in many countries and therefore, any kind of work construed and inclined in a manner to suggest the subject has to be received with a lot of weight. Due to several factors (both negative and positive) that influence the entrepreneurship success in the United Arab Emirates, then enablers and barriers to entrepreneurship has received a great deal of attention from the businesspersons, managers, practitioners, other related bodies and agents of change in the business field. Managers, businessmen and women are concerned about the enablers and barriers of the business which have resulted to escalation of business organization as well as the decline in others. Enablers enhance business success as opposed to barriers. In this paper enablers and barriers were examined in details and investigated to provide relevant information and knowledge on the way forward on matters of entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the study was major concerned about three aspects namely: entrepreneurship, barriers and enablers towards achieving the boastful status in the field. In spite that the research was carried exclusively on enablers and barriers to entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates, the results of the study can be generalized to cover all entrepreneurship ventures across different continents. The study was composed with limitation such as failure of the respondent to answer all the questions as instructed, others failed to submit the filled questionnaires as instructed, language barrier and inability to use new technology among other limitations.
entrepreneursip, United Arab Emirates (UAE), business development, information and energy resources