Employee Engagement in Government Institutions

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Employee engagement has attracted the attention of scholars and specialists in human resource management over recent years and involves the implementation of approaches that aim to create strong emotional ties between employees and the organizations for which they work to improve organizational outcomes. Hence, this dissertation conducts a comprehensive analysis of employee engagement in government institutions from a broad perspective to include both its negative and positive impacts on organizations and employees, factors that limit its implementation, its overall prevalence in the corporate environment, and the role of corporate leadership in ensuring its promotion. The findings include the advancement of a practical model for employee engagement which develops the idea for applications in organizations. The dissertation gives a detailed report of the study that involved primary research with participants from whom data was collected using surveying and interviewing research instruments. The sample size achieved was 93. Thereby, it establishes the paramount resources and activities needed for enhancement of employee engagement and achieving an overall increase in the quality of services.
employee engagement, government institutions, human resource management, corporate leadership