The Impact of Project Characteristics on the Success of Projects Completion under Project Constraints

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The British University in Dubai
The application of project characteristics including technology and functional and location design in construction projects is being investigated for its role in boosting the successful completion of projects under project constraints such as tight budget, limited human resources, and limited time. With inefficiencies such as delays in projects emanating from the existence of project constraints, the UAE construction industry is being encouraged to adopt and implement project characteristics as part of their project work. The objective of this study was to explicate the impact of project characteristics (independent variable) on delivering successful projects under project constraints (dependent variable). In the literature review, the different factors of project characteristics and project constraints are listed with the emphasis placed on the need for construction organizations to adopt project characteristics for application into projects for successful completion. The total variables identified under each factor were 21 and they were all vital for the understanding of the success of projects under project constraints. The quantitative methodology utilizing regression was used in the study with the view of getting valid and reliable results. The study suggests that the application of technology to construction projects as a project characteristic goes a long way into boosting successful completion. Additionally, identifying the functional and location aspects of the project also helps boost completion even when there are constraints. The study faced a limitation because the available literature did not offer an explication of the factors that are primarily available in the UAE. Most of the literature entailed factors from other countries such as the UK. More so, there was a limitation because some respondents did not return the questionnaires. The study offers a set of recommendations that the construction industry could adapt to enjoy success even when there are project constraints.
project constraints, projects completion, construction projects, United Arab Emirates (UAE), construction industry