Customer Driven Project Management in the service sector in UAE: Integrating quality in to project management processes

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Many literatures investigate and study the project success and fail, most of them pointed out that most project fails because of not understanding the customers (end users) requirements and expectation, Moreover there are few research that looks at integrating the customer requirements throughout the project life cycle. This research focus on the relationship between quality management and quality tools and project management processes and performance, in addition to that it elaborate about how quality tools can be used to improve project management within UAE Organizations. To research to the problem, a survey-based approach was used by collecting data from customers for seven Organizations from four different sectors. A total of 2000 completed questionnaire were analyzed. To test the developed hypotheses the data analysis focused on calculating the customer satisfaction score for each project management process group for organization that implements different quality tools, to see how quality tools could link and affect project management. Moreover, independed t-test was done on the survey variables and on the collected data, and the results shows that there is positive significant relationship between quality management and tools and project management processes and performance. These findings are a new contribution to the quality and project management literatures and it is very helpful to the practitioners to implement the suitable tool for their organization and to understand their customer needs and expectations. This study concludes that implementing quality tools (TQM, QFD, EFQM, ISO 9000 and SURVQUAL) is very critical for Organizations to improve their projects performance and project processes. Moreover, quality management and tools have significant positive effect on customers satisfaction and on project performance. The overall satisfaction score for all sector and organization was 68%, which shows that organization, need to improve the way they delivered the service or the products. Nevertheless, further research is recommended to explore about the relation between quality and project management in different countries and different sectors, to benchmark the results with UAE’s Organizations and to compare the customer’s requirements in different cultures.
customer driven, project management, service sector, quality management, quality tools, UAE organizations, United Arab Emirates (UAE), management process