An exploration of the critical factors affecting the stalling of construction projects

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Construction projects in general has shown substantial development in the last 50 years in terms of material, technology and management techniques leading to amplify the complexity in construction projects. However, despite the availability of modern management techniques and tools with the aid of computer software, many construction projects still struggle to meet their goals in terms of cost and time. The theoretical literature on construction project tends to assume that construction project will fall in three-situation either on time, delayed or abandoned, despite many research’s finding on the temporary abandoned situation that inhibiting the ability of the project managers to effectively deal with issues leading for construction project stalling. To fill this gap, this paper aim to reach a definition of stalling in construction projects and to identify the factors that influence stalling in construction project, in addition, this paper also aim to obtain the underlying critical factors that may exist to create foundations for future studies on construction project stalling. The literature review conducted yielded 34 factors influencing the stalling construction project. In addition, throw the data analysis of the qualitative data collected from the survey resulting in 171 completed questionnaires, nine underlying factor has been extracted. Overall, the finding of this paper projected toward more contribution for future studies in construction projects to provide suitable mitigation for stalling issues.
construction projects