A comparative study of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) and Islam

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Quality Management System (QMS) is considered very important for business sector these days. As it focuses on client’s satisfaction and compliance of products or services with specified requirements hence most of the clients prefer to do business with those suppliers and contractors who have QMS in place and are certified. How could QMS be implemented in an organisation and how could this organisation is certified? Quality experts have recommended quality training and certain procedures for the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of QMS in the organisation. Besides experts’ recommended methodology, there are some other factors that also influence and affect QMS and can be helpful in its implementation, maintenance and improvement. Amongst those factors, spiritual beliefs and religious teachings are prominent. To determine the type and extent of influence of religious teachings on quality management system and its implementation, a study has been conducted in this dissertation. In the early chapters a detail introduction of QMS - ISO 9001:2008 and Islam has been presented. A comparison of QMS with Islamic teachings has been given in fourth chapter. Overview of previous research relevant to the subject also has been reported in the following chapter. This overview facilitates to see how other scholars find and rate influence of religious teachings generally and Islamic teachings particularly on the implementation of QMS. A quantitative research approach has been used to explore more about the subject. Forty six respondents responded on the questionnaire consisting of 55 questions related to the Islam and QMS. Data has been analysed by Correlation, Regression and Sample Means tests of SPSS version 17. Results are found to be supportive of research proposition i.e. there is significant positive relationship between Islamic teachings and implementation of quality management system. Further research is recommended for a detailed and clause by clause comparison of QMS ISO 9001:2008 with Islamic teachings.
business, Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Islam, client satisfaction