The Relationship between Project Management Characteristics and Competitive Advantage of Companies

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Due to the absence of some project management characteristics that influence competitive advantage in companies, focusing on some of these characteristics has become a fundamental dialogue for enhancing achievement and competitiveness within companies. This research provides analysis of three project management characteristics in order to identify their relationship with the company’s competitive advantage as well as to investigate their effect and importance to project managers. The three characteristics of project management indicated in this research are leadership, emotional intelligence and inspiration. This paper will also examine some of the challenges and limitations faced by companies in their way to achieve better success. Moreover, this research will also identify the elements that would improve project management characteristics, in addition to developing a framework to connect variables together. For the purposes of this study, the researcher has adopted the quantitative approach, where a survey was conducted for gathering information. This survey was distributed to the target group which consists of some specialists from the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The total number of responses retrieved were 100 responses. Findings indicate that companies with effective project management characteristics are able to reach more success along with better competitiveness, and that the achievement of success in companies depends on enhanced practices in leadership, emotional intelligence and inspiration.
project management, competitive advantage, project managers, leadership, emotional intelligence, inspiration