Corporate Social Responsibility in a Professional Services Firm

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British University in Dubai
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an ever-growing business concept throughout the world today. It has evolved over the years and is believed to be at its most developed stage in Western countries. On the other hand, CSR in the Middle-east and MENA countries has not reached the same level of development. This dissertation investigates CSR in the Middle-East and MENA countries, the types of CSR initiatives and activities adopted are examined. In particular, the selected CSR initiative for this research is blood donation. This dissertation examines a case study of PSF Middle-East and the blood donation initiative it has taken on. The research focuses on how PSF Middle-East currently implements activities related to this initiative and how it can be further developed or improved. The main method of data collection is quantitative; the necessary data was collected via an online questionnaire that was sent to 2,500 PSF Middle-East employees across the offices of the region. The data was analysed using predictive analytical software (PASW) and several findings were obtained. The dissertation investigates that the blood donation CSR initiative taken on by PSF Middle-East assessing the extent of its acceptance by employees and the level of interest employees in learning more about blood donation.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), MENA countries, CSR initiatives, Professional Services Firm (PSF), Blood donation, Middle-East employees