Project Management: An Analysis of Causes and Effects of Rework on Construction Project

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The significance of construction projects to any nation or society cannot be over emphasized. However, various challenges affect the successful completion of construction projects. In this research, the main causes of rework and the effects on project performance have been studied. This research was carried out on an ongoing pipeline construction project situated in Libya and data was collected from three main areas: 50 samples of non-conformance report (NCR); financial information; interviews with the key staff working directly on the pipeline project. After the identification of the project categories, the analysis of the interviews was conducted using qualitative coding as the method for identifying the root causes of the rework on the pipeline project. The financial information of the project that was obtained from the financial head was used to substantiate the outcomes of rework impact on the pipeline project based on the overall project performance. The research findings indicated that the main causes of the rework on the project were closely related to: people; process; technology; communication; materials; machines and equipment. Moreover, it was found that the inadequate supervision; erroneous workmanship; lack of job experience; poor training-culture of the organization; machines delivered with defects; complication of the machines; language barriers and poor work procedures among other minor faults are the root causes of the rework. These causes triggered consequential effects on the project performance such as: fatigue and stress among others. The average rework calculated for the project categories identified in the pipeline project revealed that there was 4.7% increase in the total cost of the project. Recommendations are also made so that the cost of rework may be reduced considerably at the end of the project by: ensuring effective communication among the staff; improving the training of the staff; increasing the amount of supervision; usage of right materials and ensuring the usability and functionalities of the machinery and equipment.
rework index, project performance, construction project