English Proficiency as a Predictor of Academic Performance of Project Management Postgraduate Students in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research investigated the correlation between English language proficiency and academic performance of postgraduate project management students. Data were collected from the electronic students’ record, students' questionnaire and professors' interviews. Results showed a significant positive correlation between English proficiency and academic performance for all participants, female participants and for non-native participants. Other significant positive correlations were for Iranian students and another group of other languages but these to results must be dealt with cautious as the population samples were very small to be considered. The interview and questionnaire confirmed the direct relation between English and academic performance. They also identified other factors that may have a relation with the academic performance such as attendance and attitude toward learning. Other areas were also explored through the interview such as academic support program. The study provided recommendations. The significant one was regarding reprocessing the academic support program. Further studies were also suggested to have an insight to the areas of need for future investigations from the point of view of the researcher.
English proficiency, academic performance, postgraduate students, United Arab Emirates (UAE), attitude