Developing a Framework for improving Business Continuity Management success (BCM) in UAE Construction Industry

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The British University in Dubai
The main purpose of carrying out this study was to explore the concept of Business Continuity Management (BCM). Research even determines ways for Business Continuity Management (BCM). The study identifies alternative for BCM in UAE Construction industry. At the end, research recommends Frame work for the effective implementation of BCM in UAE that can be used by UAE’s construction industry to ensure BCM. Research methodology The researcher has emphasized on implementing deductive method which aids to study and examine the theories regarding construction and business continuity management. Study has undergone mixed method because of its intuitive and logical appeal. It helps the investigator to fill the gap between qualitative and quantitative research. The exploratory design is most convenient which gives better help to deal quantitative study. Mainly, it has been implemented to achieve better and valid outcomes. For collection of primary data survey and interviews are considered from among different methods for this study. The different ways for collection of secondary data has been selected such as books, journals as well as online articles. Convenience sampling is explained as sampling in which sample is taken on the basic ease of researcher. For saving time and cost to complete research, information has been taken from 50 officials who were working with Construction industry of UAE. The primary data collected using questionnaire has been analyzed using SPSS software tool was used for proper validation of data analysis and information. Different kind of techniques such as frequency distribution, cross tabulation, One Way ANOVA, descriptive and pie charts as well as bar graphs Conclusion and recommendation Study concludes that labor work permit and Rain & flooding have highest mean. Larger spread value of sand storms and labor work permit factors explore that more spread out the observations are. In addition, change in the policies & regulations and governmental approval are other major parameters which highly influence working of organisations and performance of an individual one. Study even identified that employee’s performance was decreased and new challenges come in workplace. For that various factors were responsible such that enforce new technology, insufficient labour training, inadequate early construction planning, high complexity in construction and inadequate early construction planning etc.
Business Continuity Management success (BCM), construction industry, United Arab Emirates (UAE)