Sustainable transportation in Dubai: Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Dubai Metro System

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Dubai is a fast developing city which in the past few years has taken major steps towards having a more sustainable urban development. Furthermore, this city is home to one the most innovative urban rail networks in the region which provides mobility to millions of commuters per year. In 2013, Dubai was elected as the host to 2020World Expo. This opportunity has created a new wave on urban development and expansion in Dubai. Based on the theme of Dubai Expo 2020 which is Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, there is major attention paid to sustainable developments and sustainable transportation. This has been one of the main derivers of this research. A transportation system is considered sustainable that would be able to provide mobility and accessibility to people and goods while having minimum harmful environmental, social and economic impacts on cities and the societies. By focusing on the impacts of urban development, population growth, increased mobility and integration of various transportation modes on the ridership of Dubai metro in years 2015 to 2025, this research evaluates Dubai metro system in terms of effective and efficient transportation provision. Moreover, through generating numerous sets of predictive ridership patterns for Dubai metro during the mentioned years, this research identifies and discusses the parameters that have a direct and indirect impact on the metro ridership fluctuation. Identifying these parameters would be beneficial in developing future transportation development schemes and plans.
sustainable transportation, Dubai, Dubai metro system, sustainable urban development, Dubai Expo 2020