Environmental Supply Chain In United Arab Emirates

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British Education in Dubai
Environmentally friendly practices are gaining major importance in United Arab Emirates. One of the biggest organisation challenges is integrating environmental practices, into the supply chain. This study aims to identify the key determinants that will help increase and enhance the use of environmental supply chain management (ESCM) in organisations throughout United Arab Emirates. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used in this study. Primary data was collected through an online questionnaire and the secondary data was collected from academic journals, books and study cases. These findings were analysed using a statistical application (SPSS) and graphs to help develop an argument for exploring the findings. The research findings show that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two leading Emirates with ESCM. It is also concluded from the findings that in order to increase the use of ESCM, there are needs to increase the consumer pressure, government and organisation regulations against negative impact on the environment. With the use of SPSS, it showed that implementing life cycle assessment to measure ESCM and appointing a separate department to manage ESCM could enhance the use of ESCM in organisations and potentially establishing competitive advantage. The research findings from this study can help organisations to focus on their future in the U.A.E. and help the country move towards a more sustainable future.
Environmental Supply Chain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), environmental practices, sustainability