Investigating the Impact of Applying Different Strategies of Formative Assessments on Students’ Learning Outcomes in Summative Assessments in a Private School in Sharjah, UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Among contemporary methods for improving the learning of students, formative assessments stand out amongst the most essential and powerful. While formative assessment thoughts and practices appear to have a demonstrated record in upgrading students’ ability to take in information, these practices are difficult to completely incorporate into teachers' everyday classroom practices. This study investigated the impact of applying different strategies of formative assessment practices on students’ learning outcomes in summative assessments in one of the private schools in Sharjah, UAE. This study consists of two groups of participants including twelve teachers and seventeen high school students in a private school in Sharjah, UAE. A qualitative method was taken towards gathering teachers’ and students’ perceptions of the formative assessment practices accompanied by open-ended questions through semi-structured interviews. Data analysis revealed that a significant effect is achieved through using a variety of formative assessment practices on students’ learning outcomes in the summative assessments. Most teachers and students are aware of the importance of using these strategies to improve the learning skills for each student. Therefore, formative assessments can be considered as a tool for improving the students’ academic level, adding to the procedure and results of learning.
formative assessment, summative assessment, teachers’ experience, students’ experiences, student learning