Applying School-Based Management in UAE Governmental Schools

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This action research explores the ability of applying SBM in UAE governmental schools. The research also sought to identify the advantages and disadvantages of SBM when implemented in UAE context. A detailed study of the obtainable means of successful implementation, along with identifying the potential causes of failure to be avoided was offer throughout the literature review. The research collected data through questionnaires administered to parents, administrators, and teachers of model and governmental schools of Abu Dhabi main city. Results suggest acceptance from different parties involved in SBM implementation providing that (a) there would be several pre-implementation professional development courses for involved parents, administrators, and teachers participating in the new school governance system. In addition, (b) the implementation process to be segmented over several years under continuous supervision form the central office of the MOE/ ADEC in the preliminary phase of implementation.
school-based management, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Governmental schools, school governance