Supply Chain Integration to Support Technical Innovation in Oil Well Drilling Industry

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British University in Dubai
Studying innovation within the context of supply chain is associated with the establishments of co-operative ties between firm and its supply chain partners in order to create new processes, products and services. Organizations are more and more obliged to get together and work as part of broader network with other firms to develop or absorb new technology, new product, or merely to maintain their contact with the advance technological developments. These networks are formed upon the collaborative efforts of firms each specialized in specific intermediate component and service complementary to the broader system. Successful innovation is the result of cooperation and how firms’ objectives are aligned with each other that motivate the firms to commit their utmost effort for the overall success of the system This study is aimed to get a deeper understanding of innovation development within the context of oil production supply chain and also to reveal the relations between the impediments in this process and their underlying causes. The study of current oil industry supply chain revealed range of major factors impacting effective innovation within the area of supply chain management such factors are: collaborative relationships, communication, knowledge, capability and motivation. Motivated by these results, the subsequent part of this paper identifies and studies these factors and their impact on innovation in channel of supply chain. The ultimate goal of this dissertation is highlights number of lessons for the organisations of relevant business to this study to improve the integration of supply chain in order to facilitate innovation. The suggestions are based upon the findings of the case study, and the literature review conducted earlier in this study.
Supply Chain Integration, Technical Innovation, Oil Well Drilling Industry, communication, motivation