Runaway projects: project management and strategic alignment

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research is based on the research that was conducted via use of questionnaires which were distributed to a total of hundred participants. The main goal of this research was to establish whether this firm’s project is aligned with the organization strategy. The results and recommendations from this research were based on how well project management tools and methods were used to develop the organization in terms of productivity and quality of services and products. It also viewed the role of managers on implementation of management tools. This paper covers all operations taking place in project management from, control, monitoring, and organization and planning within the organization. The literature review gives us an analysis of what brings up strategy and operation and what is involved in the project management. Engineering projects require the kind of management that draws knowledge of engineering process, modern management as well as design. Project management in the field of engineering entails objectives that are attained through implementing the various operations required. There are certain conflicts that may occur between objectives that are stated and the time, quality and hindrance that are imposed in the economic resources and human capital. Focus is on strategy implementation and the hindrance to this; as well as strategy formulation. The paper also addresses the relationship between departments within the organization and factors such as resource allocation and coordination that play a role in department correlation. The certain factors that influence the project are discussed in depth. They are: administrative systems, organizational structure, management hierarchy, people, consensus, communication and commitment. The study uses both internal as well as external tools and methods to conduct the research. This is intended to save on costs as well as ensure that profitability and productivity is increased. The organization needs to follow the recommendations that were put in place for the project management to follow and to ensure that the objectives and goals are achieved with minimal risks.
runaway projects, project management, strategic alignment, organization strategy, strategy implementation