Project Management Skills for Delivering Innovation Strategy

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Due to the lack of organization’s success within some government sectors in Dubai, the project management skills in delivering innovation strategy have received a heated debate of later since business strategies have become paramount towards keeping pace with competitors. In this study three areas of concern are analysed and investigated in determining the importance of professional development towards implementation of innovation strategy. The three areas include; project management skills, professional development and innovation strategy. Further the paper explores the managerial problems and challenges that face government organization that could form a stumbling block towards delivering innovation strategies. The study further aimed at determining the relationship between project management and innovation strategy, investigating the impacts of implementation of strategy innovation on the success of the government organizations, examining and analysing the relationship between innovation and companies’ success, analysing the project management skills needed in delivering innovation strategy, investigating the factors that contributes to the improvement of the project management skills and lastly investigating the framework that could be used in ensuring successful alignment of project management with innovation strategy. The study findings are based on quantitative approach in regard to project management skills in delivering innovation strategy with the government sector in Dubai. The study revealed that, most organizations that have adopted innovation strategy and other business strategies have become more efficient and consequently have developed competition advantages, success of most government organizations depend on the following factors; careful timing of events, setting priorities and balancing of priorities, use of charismatic leadership aimed at handling conflicts and pressures and concentrating on the objectives and goals of the project just to mention a few.
project management skills, innovation strategy, government sectors, United Arab Emirates (UAE)