Evaluating leadership deveopment in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai
The study sets out to investigate the level of leadership development programs in the UAE and more specifically in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in different types of sectors: Private, Public and not for Profit. In addition, the study investigates the effectiveness of leadership programs by looking at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development for UAE nationals. The research design is predominately quantitative. Data analysis was through the usage of Microsoft Excel 2007 and SPSS, the data collection was by means of unstructured questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The research was able to identify how the program had benefited those participants who have taken part in the program and how the program has positively impacted on them. The dissertation counters the claims that leadership development programs have little impact at the organizational level and provides evidence to support the value and relevance of leadership development within the workplace. The survey was sent to over 100 organizations in the UAE but the response rate was very low only 80 participants were involved and for the Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme For Leadership Development (MBRPLD) only 40 participants out of 70 responded. There is little hard evidence available in the UAE highlighting the impact of leadership development on individuals and organizations. This dissertation provides such evidence on the current situation and some of the principal initiatives.
leadership development, United Arab Emirates (UAE), leadership, program, UAE nationals