The impact of cultural diversity on project management communication

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The British University in Dubai
Introduction: Project management communication plays a critical role in ensuring the success and quality of the project delivery in the projects between diversified cultural project team members. considering the importance of effective and efficient project management communication, especially in the diversified cultural project teams, the research was carried out with the aim of highlighting the impact that cultural diversity has on project management communication in the IT sector of the UAE. Methodology: The research adopted an exploratory research design where the data was collected from 100 project managers and project team members who are working in the IT sector of the UAE using the survey questionnaire as the mode of data collection. Findings and Results: Based on the findings of the research, it was concluded that the significance value is less than 0.05, which means that the model of this study is highly significant. The cultural diversity p-value is 0.001, which is below 0.05. Therefore, the first hypothesis is accepted that there is a significant impact of cultural diversity on project management communication. The p-value of language barriers is also below 0.05, which also leads to the acceptance of the second hypothesis. Language barriers have a significant impact on project management communication in IT projects in the UAE. The p-value of cultural beliefs and project management leadership is also below 0.05, which leads to acceptance of the third and fourth hypotheses that the difference is that cultural beliefs have a significant impact on project management communication and the project manager’s leadership efficiency has a significant impact on project management communication. The results of the study are in line with some previous research, who said that when examined in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity, having a diverse workforce has a positive impact on the organization's performance. Implications: A diverse workforce, according to the author, may help a firm enhance efficiency and creativity. The findings of the research also discovered that project managers saw diversity as a key factor in increasing creativity in the workplace. Project managers play a critical role in fostering workplace diversity, and they must be held accountable for their efforts. In order to effectively lead their teams, PMs must invest time in learning about the unique work cultures of the individuals in their teams. It's a win-win situation for the team's health and well-being. All project managers should attend multicultural seminars, particularly those aimed at conflict resolution, in order to better comprehend the makeup of their organization's workforce. Aside from that, corporations should make it a regular practice or point of responsibility to send their PMs to external training in intercultural competency or to bring in consulting firms that specialize in this area of expertise to provide the training on a regular basis. Communication breaks down when we assume that other people share our worldview, which is impossible since we come from such diverse cultural and racial backgrounds.
cultural diversity, project management, information technology, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project management communication, IT sector, project managers, project management leadership, effective communication