Enablers & Barriers to AI Adopting in Public Services

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
With the new route many organizations in the UAE are taking, Artificial Intelligence has become one of the trendiest approaches to adopt in the region. Companies are competing to become smart and fully automated, services provided have been shifted to be served using smart systems and applications that saved both organizations and customers a lot of time. Thus, this dissertation will selectively investigate and discuss the enablers and barriers of AI adoption in public services. It aims to show the relationship between AI adoption and services’ quality, additionally, it will discuss the popular factors that can enable and prevent organizations to adopting AI from discussion of combination of both secondary and primary data. Consequently, from the interviews conducted with different organizations who are already using AI systems and applications, many themes and topics have emerged that discuss the benefits of AI and what kind of challenges organizations dealt or dealing with in order to shift to automation. Last of all, a set of practices that are considered crucial but overlooked by many organizations will be represented to discuss its importance when taking the first steps to AI adoption.
enabler, barriers, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Artificial Intelligence (AI), public services