Building Sustainable Buildings in Jeddah

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The present study is centered on construction of sustainable buildings in Jeddah. The main purpose of the study is to ascertain the relationship between present-day sustainability concerns, their contributing factors and underlying effects in Jeddah in order to find suitable and sustainable solutions for the construction sector in Jeddah. The study adopted mixed methodology approach, that is, both quantitative and qualitative methods. The survey instrument was a questionnaire targeting the buildings’ occupants as they are best suited to understand the state of affairs of the developments. The qualitative study comprised of description of measurements (temperature, carbon dioxide, pollutants and relative humidity) in these buildings. The results and findings showed that the majority of the buildings’ occupants agreed on the poor state of air conditioning and ventilation. Additionally, it was clear that most occupants had experienced a bad odor at certain points around the structures. This was due to factors such as poor ventilation and comparatively high temperatures present in the buildings. Further analysis of the findings and results indicated that there was poor planning in the development of the buildings which deprived occupants’ of comfort and sustainability. It was recommended that the leadership of Jeddah should come up with strategies to ensure proper ventilation of these buildings in order to boost their adherence to sustainability. In addition, such measures will heighten the comfort of the occupants. In conclusion, it is advisable to come up with innovative ways of encouraging better strategies that can ensure the construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings in Jeddah.
sustainable buildings, Jeddah, construction sector, air conditioning, ventilation