Structural design and cost comparison between a concrete structure and steel a structure of a tall residential building in Dubai subjected to seismic and wind loads.

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
There are many materials and structural systems of buildings over the world such as Steel structures, Concrete, Wood, Stone and Brick/Masonry. Apparently, each one of them is having its properties and limitation of use. Nevertheless, the famous structural systems that used for designing and constructing the skyscraper are the steel and concrete structures since the Wood, Stone and Masonry cannot be used in the tall buildings. It is very significant to compare between the steel structure and concrete structure when designing a skyscraper, to withstand the Seismic, Wind load, Live, Dead loads and to make the cost analysis related each one to choose the better one. Obviously, each structural system has advantages and disadvantages which should be taken into consideration when selecting one of them. In this dissertation, a comparison is made between the two tall buildings which made of reinforced concrete and steel in Cross section of structural element, Durability, Resistance to Earthquake and Wind loads, Load carrying capacity, Self-weight, Construction cost, and Construction speed. However, the steel and reinforced concrete skyscrapers are designed using ETABS program, the post tension slabs and beams are designed by Safe program, and the results compared by Microsoft excel.
structural design, cost comparison, concrete structure, tall residential building