Application of youth leadership development curriculum in public secondary schools in UAE: an investigative study

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research aims to examine the existence or non-existence of a youth leadership development curriculum in the government secondary schools in the UAE, together with the ability or inability of these schools to prepare students for the reality of today's world and the requirements of the workforce in the twenty-first century. Moreover, the research seeks to clarify the skills and competences that should be targeted by the public secondary schools in order to develop the potentials and abilities of the youth. Simultaneously, and at a parallel line, the research focuses on the main foundations in the UAE that specialize in youth leadership development. The aim here is to assess their current role in preparing youth, and the possible role of these foundations in relation to filling the gap as youth leadership development providers to the ministry of education in UAE in any future leadership training. The tools used for gathering information for the research consisted of interviews, questionnaires, and reviews of documents. The findings of the research indicate the absence of youth leadership curriculum applied in the public secondary schools of the UAE; two different perspectives relating to the adequate preparation of students in the UAE public secondary schools for their future roles; and consensus between the participants of all categories on a group of 10 skills to be learned in the public schools due to their importance in preparing students for a fruitful life and successful workforce. Based on the findings, recommendations were made to highlight the benefits and advantages of the application of the youth leadership curriculum in the UAE public secondary schools, together with a suggested set of methods for the actual process of application of this curriculum.
curriculum, public secondary schools, United Arab Emirates (UAE), workforce, leadership training, youth leadership curriculum