Analyzing the Industrial Internship Training Practices at the Institute of Applied Technology: In affiliation with the three stakeholders: students, institute and industries

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study aims at giving prominence to the Industrial Internship Program at the Institute of Applied Technology, in the United Arab Emirates, for grade 11 students, who graduate in one of the Engineering Science, Electrical Engineering, Automation & Mechatronics or Information & Computer Technology clusters. There are three stake holders involved in this research: the students undergoing the Internship, the Institute catering to the program and the Industries hosting and providing the internship. This study is centered around the perspectives of these three stakeholders. The research investigates if the following aims of the program are met: a. to gain work experience and work ethics b. to put to practice what they learn at school. c. to foster close and cooperative relationships with the community, industry, commerce, and the government. This research also highlights the role played by potential businesses in making the internship experience a success. The data required for this research was collected from students and all company supervisors during the internship period, through questionnaires and interviews. The data was then analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). This study will help the three stakeholders in enhancing the Industrial Internship Training effectiveness in the near future.
industrial internship, training practices, stakeholder, United Arab Emirates (UAE), training effectiveness