E-banking in U.A.E. and Oman: Exploring consumer perception of Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction factors of e-Banking Service Quality

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this research is to investigate consumers’ perception of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction attributes of e-banking service quality in the U.A.E. and Oman. The study adopted an instrument proposed by the previous research for measuring e-banking service quality, customer service quality, and online system quality through a single scale that included17 dimensions. The instrument was used to develop an online survey that included 64 questions and resulted in 60 responses collected from bank customers in the U.A.E. and Oman. The collected data was analyzed using factor analysis and reliability test and resulted in extracting a derived scale that composed of 46 items and 9 factors, namely: efficiency, information quality, ease of Use, security, continues improvement, competence, reliability, Creditability, and product variety /diverse features. Further, sources of satisfaction perceived by consumers were identified as: reliability, continues improvement, and ease of use; while sources of dissatisfactions were identified as: security, creditability, and product variety/diverse features. This study has also indicated that the customers in the U.A.E. are more satisfied by the e-banking service than the customers in Oman and in particular the factors that had higher scores were identified as: efficiency, information quality, ease of use, security, continues improvement, and creditability. Findings from the study provided insights for the financial sector in the U.A.E. and Oman by identifying the important e-banking drivers, understanding key attributes for customer dissatisfaction, and providing recommendations to improve the performance of e-banking. New strategies for developing robust e-banking environment were suggested in order to enhance the creditability of in internet banking in the U.A.E. and Oman.
E-banking, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, e-Banking Service Quality, financial sector, customer satisfaction, internet banking