Competency Based Recruitment and Selection in Project Management Processes among United Arab Emirates (UAE) Enterprises

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The British University in Dubai
The purpose of this research project is to evaluate problems in the project management processes in Multi-National Corporations (MNCs), in this case FedEx Corporation and Kraft Foods, along with a particular focus on the problems related to the failure of using competency based approaches for the recruitment and selection of cross functional team members in projects has been made. The theories in the literature are compared to the data collected from live projects of the two organisations. The different management approaches in two industries were evaluated to identify internal mismatches regarding management and to obtain a clearer picture of competency based selection handled at different levels inside and outside of the organisations. Empirical data was derived through both qualitative and quantitative methods from the 40 projects teams, from which 203 questionnaires were collected. The study findings shows some discrepancies in the execution and recruitment processes at Kraft Foods, in particularly with regards to the dealing with mid and small sized projects, whereas in the case of FedEx Corporation, regulation or control processes were found to be faulty and caused problems in the course of the projects. Based on the project study several recommendations are made including: adopting competency based recruitment at Kraft Foods; developing proper coordination and cooperation within and between teams by improving communication networks; creating appropriate clarity in the roles and responsibilities for individuals as well as teams; developing proper and highly applicable regulation mechanisms suiting company requirements and objectives; rectification made during the course of projects should be adopted and adapted with a long term perspective. It is concluded that if these recommendations are implemented in the project management processes at Kraft Foods and FedEx Corporation the productivity will show maximum improvement.
competency based recruitment, competency based selection, project management, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project management processes, Multi-National Corporations (MNCs), management approaches