The Benefits of Using Blockchain for Freight and Logistics

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The following paper strives to investigate the potential impacts of blockchain technology on the efficiency and operations of the freight & logistics industry. The research addresses two critical research questions that are: (a) How can blockchain technology enhance the efficiency of freight and logistics processes? (b) What are the most suitable applications of blockchain in the freight and logistics industry? The study adopts a descriptive research design with a quantitative research approach, utilizing a deductive approach to test research hypotheses. The research focuses on the population of Emirati stakeholders, preferably managers working in the freight and logistics industry, such as logistics companies, service providers, shippers, and carriers. Data will be collected through applying purposive sampling technique. The data instrument is a structured survey questionnaire. The research will apply statistical analysis including descriptive statistics and inferential analysis. Furthermore, SPSS and R analysis will be applied. Major findings will uncover potential advantages of blockchain integration within UAE along with the considerations and challenges for adoption. The implications will provide invaluable guidance to blockchain experts and professionals. This will also lead to further expansion of the field.
blockchain technology, freight and logistics,