The Role of Project Portfolio Management in Fostering Innovation Within the Context of UAE’s Organizations

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The research study is conducted with an aim to determine the ways through which large portfolio organizations of UAE can be able to foster innovation by adopting practices of Project Portfolio Management. On the basis of the literature review, the theoretical framework was developed and identified 6 variables that may influence the PPM towards innovation. In the data analysis section, the relationship of variables has been determined with the PPM success and innovation. A total of 6 hypotheses have been framed on the basis of the conceptual model of the study. Quantitative Research approach is applied in the research and for the prepared questionnaire, the data were collected from 219 respondents of the large organizations of UAE, the data analysis and hypotheses’ testing was performed with the help of SPSS. On the basis of the correlation analysis, the relationship between the variables of the study has been interpreted. Report analysis findings indicate various factors that positively affect the success of the project portfolio management in fostering innovation. These are; the project portfolio manager’s engagement, organizational culture, involvement of senior managers, changing external environment, governance in the PPM and availability of the resources. As for this research study, it was able to identify that the project portfolio management practices are essential in fostering innovation within UAE’s organizations.
Project Portfolio Management (PPM), innovation, United Arab Emirates (UAE)