The Preparedness of SMEs for cyber risk in the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The cyber security preparedness has turned into a significant element of the business over the years. Due to globalization and the latest advancements, the internet has become a common thing now. However, internet and technology come along with many risks. These risks are referred to as cyber risks. These risks are higher for small and medium sized firms as compared to large enterprises. In light of this, the study aimed at analyzing ways to reduce cyber threats and investigate different methods by which companies can protect themselves against any kind of cyber-attack. The study was specifically focused on the SMEs operating in UAE. A mixed approach was used for collecting and analyzing the data. This mixed approach comprised of both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The survey was conducted with 103 respondents, 100 of them were asked to fill in the questionnaires while three of the respondents were directly interviewed. The tests used for analyzing quantitative data were Regression analysis, Chi-square test, and correlation coefficient. These tests were run with the help of statistical software known as SPSS. The thesis ended with giving recommendations for improving the security of networks in offices and also a suggestion for future study.
cyber security, cyber attack, online business, SMEs project management, United Arab Emirates (UAE)