The Implementation of Maturity Models in the United Arab Emirates

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British University in Dubai
The field of project management maturity has been introduced in the Middle East market recently and it is yet to prove its benefits. This research investigates the implementations of such maturity models in the UAE. The objective is to study and compare project management maturity models, show how they can be implemented in the UAE and finally recommend ways to merge different maturity models together to benefit from them the most. The primary research method used in this research was to document a case study of an implementation of a maturity model in a government organization in Dubai, UAE. Moreover, experts' interviews were also means of primary research used for this research paper. In addition, the secondary research methods were represented by the academic online journals, electronic books and Dubai Municipality documents were used to collect data about maturity models. The dissertation concludes on the relevance and value of these models and provides recommendations for organizations seeking maturity models and recommendations for various project management audiences.
Maturity Models, United Arab Emirates (UAE), project management, Middle East market