Reducing Delays in the Construction of Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study of Applying Agile Methodology Best Practices in Railway Project in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The infrastructure project sector in The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most advanced and developed in the region. Infrastructure projects have a massive impact on the country's economic development and growth. Usually, these projects are costly, take many years to construct, and effects millions of people. The successful completion of infrastructure projects is essential, as it can improve economic growth and quality of life in the UAE. However, 50% of the construction projects in the UAE face delay due to the complex and dynamic environment of these projects. Infrastructure projects require a more fixable framework than the Traditional Project Management framework commonly utilized in this sector. This research paper explores the Agile Project Management (APM) framework practices and tools to identify the best APM practices that can be adopted in a Traditional infrastructure project in the United Arab Emirates to develop a Hybrid project management framework. Also, the factors causing the delay and the Agile enables projects can implement to help the adoption of APM practices in infrastructure projects. All of this is explored using a survey conducted on a Railway project in the UAE. The survey finding shows that all the proposed APM practices can assist in reducing the time overrun, and a Hybrid framework is developed according to the research findings; this framework focuses on applying the agile practice in the execution phase, where most of the delay factors occur, and applying traditional project management practices in the initial phases of the project is more effective in establishing a well-detailed project schedule. Using the hybrid framework in infrastructure projects can help improve performance, communication, and adaptability to changing requirements. The developed Hybrid Framework model is suggested for infrastructure projects in the United Arab Emirates.
infrastructure projects, agile methodology, railway project, United Arab Emirates (UAE)