An empirical study of the impact of knowledge management strategies on waste and rework reduction in construction projects during post-contract award stage in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The UAE is considered to be one of the major contributors to construction waste in the world. The nation has been confronting the challenge of implementing sustainability in its construction sector in order to reduce its environmental footprint. One of the main causes of waste in construction is the presence of rework during the construction stage of different projects. It was identified that the sources of rework can be generated from each of the parties involved in the construction process. The major causes of rework in UAE comes down to the eagerness of developers to deliver high end buildings in a challenging duration from the project inception to its conclusion. One of the other causes of rework is the lack of awareness of the magnitude of rework impact on the project’s environmental foot print. This extends to the lack of awareness of the methodologies required to tackle such problem. A survey as part of this research was conducted to identify the magnitude of rework experienced by different construction professionals. Furthermore, causes of rework were identified from the literature and were evaluated in the survey to confirm their applicability to the construction sector in UAE. The research also incorporates a case study from UAE to understand some of the existing strategies to reduce rework as well as discuss possibilities of improving some of these strategies increasing their impact. Furthermore, the outcomes of the case study combined with further literature review to identify strategies to reduce rework that are applicable to the construction sector in UAE actionable by contractors were identified. These strategies were then presented to construction professionals from different backgrounds who are working within a building contracting entity to verify the solutions positive effect on reducing rework. Rework is a serious epidemic that have been impacting the construction sector all over the world. The main reason for that is the absence of reporting on its occurrence which makes building the business case against it very difficult. The requirement to reduce rework can have significant sustainable benefits to the construction sector in UAE.
knowledge management, construction projects, environmental footprint, United Arab Emirates (UAE), construction sector