Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Automation of Supply Chain

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The current study was conducted by means of a quantitative research design with the focus being that of the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in terms of supply chain automation. Herein, the author focused on investigating supply chain-based automation trends, evaluating the type of supply chain outcomes that technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence lead to, and the type of technologies that lead to improvements in the supply chain. For this purpose, the author had made use of a suitably large sample size of one hundred and eighty-five participants. These participants were sent an online survey questionnaire comprised of five demographic questions and fourteen survey question items. This allowed the author to find that machine learning is highly prevalent in the UAE’s supply chains with artificial intelligence being specifically lacking. Through the findings, it was concluded that this may be due to the fact that artificial intelligence currently remains as a developing technology that needs to be furthered greatly in order to be relevant in the current supply chain environment. Lastly, the author was able to recommend that supply chains should integrate technologies that combine with the human effort rather than focus on replacing them. Keywords: Automation, Supply Chain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, UAE, and Value Creation
artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, supply chain, automation, United Arab Emirates (UAE), supply chain environment, value creation