Job Satisfaction and Knowledge Sharing in Oil and Gas Industry: The case of ADNOC Company, Abu Dhabi

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study made an attempt to investigate the nature of relationships between job satisfaction and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, the relationships between various factors of job satisfaction and knowledge sharing were studied and examined. The subject of the study was the employees of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and its group of companies. Several hypotheses reflecting the relationship between job satisfaction and knowledge sharing and their factors were developed and examined. A total of 975 self-administrated surveys were distributed randomly between employees of ADNOC group of companies. The number or returned and useable surveys was 488. Based on the analyses of the gathered data, the study was able to prove the existence of positive and significant, yet weak relationships, between knowledge sharing and job satisfaction and their factors. Job itself and the supervisory style were identified as the factors of job satisfaction which have the largest influence on employees' knowledge sharing behavior. The study results revealed that employees' job satisfaction levels have a direct positive relation to their knowledge sharing behaviors. Besides establishing appropriate knowledge management systems, organizations should work hard to increase employees' job satisfaction and minimize sources of dissatisfactions. Supervisory style and job itself are influenced by organization management, and thus, organization management plays the largest role in motivating employees to involve in knowledge sharing.
job satisfaction, knowledge sharing, oil and gas industry, ADNOC, knowledge management